"Every morning when I wake up and open my eyes - my first thoughts are always of music.
Music is the outburst of my soul"

Reena Hart was born in May 26th, 1991 in Horta, Portugal. Always obsessed with singing, at a young age she would entertain at her mom's dinner parties jumping on the table so everyone could hear her sing.

Reena experienced the stage for the first time at the age of 16 when she sang at a beauty pageant in her hometown. After that show she knew that there was nothing that could stop her from experiencing it again and again, and she began to peform at various pageants in the area. At the age of 17, Reena decided that she need to step out from behind the instrumental CD tracks and locked herself in her bedroom for 3 months to learn to write songs on the guitar.

In September of that year, Hart performed at concerts headlining her as a singer-songwriter and she began performing every weekend while writing new songs and rehearsing everyday after school.

By the end of the year, Reena took first place at her high school's annual singing competition and was known for her signing and songwriting skills.

When she turned 19, Reena decided that she would need to relocate from her Portual island of Horta to further develop her musical capabilities and decided to attend college in the US to earn a bachelors in musical development and continue to expand her original music.

Reena began to develop a fairly strong YouTube following from the various cover songs and originals that she performed solo in front of a camera. Reena truely loves her YouTube fans and they love her as well.

Today, Reena Hart continues to work towards her personal musical development and goals. She continues to write songs and is in the process of releasing a number of "EARLY RELEASE" MP3's by request of her fans and preparing for the release of her premiere CD expected later this year.

The music released on MP3 and planned for debut CD is a mix of Reena Hart originals and other never recorded songs from a group of award winning songwriters. Although the style of these songs contain a high degree of production, the raw truthful and passionate Reena Hart vocals come through in true singer-songwriter fashion.

Reena Hart's music is available throughout this website and can be enjoyed on video and MP3.